What Is The Golden Child In Virtual Villagers?

How do you get tech points fast on Virtual Villagers?

Access the tech tree through the “Tech” option on the menu to spend tech points.

Advance the science skill to level 3 to gain tech points as fast as possible through normal gameplay.

Remember, to collect tech points you must have at least one villager working at the research table..

How do you get more food on Virtual Villagers?

Your only alternative to berries and mushrooms is to unlock Farming Technology level two or three. Second level farming costs 12,000 tech points and allows you to plant crops in the field, which provides a great source of additional food.

How do you teach your villagers to fish on Virtual Villagers?

Drag villagers to the ocean and they will begin to catch fish as a new food source. Move the villagers back to the water if they refuse to fish. They will eventually earn farming skill points and continue to fish on their own.

What is the 5th puzzle in virtual villagers?

Worship is the fifth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

How do you get rid of the boulder in virtual villagers?

Research the Construction skill for your village to level 2. Drag a villager to the rocks blocking the creek located on the northwest section of the island. The villager will automatically begin removing the rocks. This puzzle in “Virtual Villagers: A New Home” will cause water to flow down the creek when completed.

What happens at the end of Virtual Villagers?

After all the puzzles are solved, there is no big reveal behind the cave mystery. The game continues on as if the puzzles weren’t solved. There is no big ending. The only thing you’ll get from solving all the puzzles is the satisfaction you did solve them.

What age do virtual families die?

60’sThey normally will die in their 60’s, occasionally in their late 50’s. That means you could be starting a new generation every 3 or 4 days, unless you adjust the time of your device, aging them rapidly. As soon as one of the adults die, you are allowed to start a new generation from the family screen.

What does elated mean in virtual families?

This is the only status better than HappyElated: This is the only status better than Happy. Yummy candy, Career promotions, marriage and new children(if they wanted kids) will help make them Elated. A bit blue: When a character has this status, they might need a tad more attention.

How do you get the golden child in virtual villagers?

With Puzzle 5 and 12 completed, and Level 3 of Fertility, put a nursing mother in the lagoon. The child will become The Golden Child. As long as the previous puzzle is finished, put The Golden Child on the magic garden discovered in Puzzle 9. Butterflies will appear and follow The Golden Child.

What does a bit blue mean?

‘Blue’ can be used as an adjective which means to feel depressed, dispirited, gloomy, low or sad so if you say someone is a ‘bit blue’ they are feeling a little depressed.

How do you complete puzzle 9 on virtual villagers?

Action: Drop villagers on the empty patch of ground on the bottom right side. They will walk to the lagoon on the opposite side of the map and carry bowls of water back to the field. This takes a while so don’t wait for it to be completed.

How many times do you have to water the field in virtual villagers?

Villagers without building skill will water the field, also, but will stop after one trip. Once your villagers have put sufficient water on the field (it takes a lot of water), the field will be revived and will once again be in full bloom.

Where is the treasure in virtual villagers?

The treasure can be found just south of the food bin, between the temple and the bin. A clue is not given by just dragging a villager over the area. You need to place the villager – a master builder – just right to discover the hiding spot. It may take multiple tries to place the villager correctly.

How do you push the boulder in virtual villagers?

To move the boulder, you need to have the golden child. Once the golden child is old enough, he will investigate and move the boulder all by himself. To find the butterflies, have the golden child, drag him over to the garden, and he’ll make the butterflies appear.

What are all the puzzles in virtual villagers?

Virtual Villagers: A New Home – All Puzzle SolutionsPuzzle One. The Well: Place your builder on top of the well; they will remove the log from it.Puzzle Two. The Hut: … Puzzle Three. The Beach: … Puzzle Four. The School: … Puzzle Five. The Lagoon: … Puzzle Six. The Magic Fish of Fertility: … Puzzle Seven. The Cemetery: … Puzzle Eight. Natural Mastery:More items…•

How do you complete puzzle 6 on virtual villagers?

You now need to send an adult villager three times to the Crafting Hut so they get one fertilizer per seed. Once fertilized the seeds will start growing, the process takes 2-3 hours each to complete. After growing you just need to send your villager to the garden to gather all the fruit and the puzzle is solved.

What Age Can Virtual Villagers have babies?

Villagers can produce children once they are fully adult (age 18 & up). Once a female villager reaches the age of 50, she will no longer be able to have babies. Male villagers do not have an age restriction on their ability to have children.