Where Should I Live If I Work In Slough?

Is Slough good place to live?

Located only 22 miles west of central London, Slough is a large, thriving town in the royal county of Berkshire.

Impressively, the town was named the best place to work in the UK for the third time in recent years because of the large number of vacancies and above average wages.


Is Slough a safe area?

It’s probably a perfectly nice place to live but Slough is a bit of a running joke for being a bland, uninteresting small town. There’s a reason the UK Office was set in Slough – it epitomises the narrow horizons of a provincial English town. But in reality it’s likely to be fine.

Can I use Oyster card to Slough?

No sorry. Slough is outside the London travel zones. If you are traveling to or from Slough by train and you have a London travel card (not Oyster), then you can get a ticket from the boundary of your paid for zone to Slough.

Will Slough become part of London?

But now it is official – Reading and Slough are part of the London Underground and has been put on the iconic map of the Tube.

Why is Slough called Slough?

The origin of the name is not clear. It may have derived from Slow. This was the name of open land in that part of the parish called ‘The Slow Field’, an area distinct from ‘Upton Field’. Verbal evidence documented later referred to the abundance of sloe-bushes in the area.

When was slough built?

Slough Station opened in 1840, and by 1841 the population was twice the size it had been in 1831 (but it there were still only 2405 people there!) By 1891 the population was 7,700. In the 1920s the trading estate began to develop, and people began to arrive in Slough from other parts of the country, looking for work.

What is Slough known for?

Slough has the highest concentration of UK HQs of global companies outside London. Slough Trading Estate is the largest industrial estate in single private ownership in Europe with over 17,000 jobs in 400 businesses. Blackberry, McAfee, Burger King, DHL and Lego have head offices in the town.

Is Slough expensive?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 883.68$ (663.75£) without rent. … Cost of living index in Slough is 29.21% lower than in New York. Rent in Slough is, on average, 58.63% lower than in New York.

Is Slough classed as London?

Is Slough in London? Slough is absolutely not in London. … Slough is, most assuredly, a Berkshire town, located 20 miles west of Charing Cross in London, two miles north of Windsor, five miles east of Maidenhead, 11 miles south east of High Wycombe and 17 miles north east of Reading, Berkshire.

Is Slough bad for wounds?

Slough is a source of nutrients for bacteria, providing an environment for bacterial proliferation. It is also linked with wound chronicity, resulting in biofilm formation (Percival and Suleman, 2015). Failure to remove slough prolongs the inflammatory phase and impairs healing (Figure 1).

What Slough looks like?

Slough refers to the yellow/white material in the wound bed; it is usually wet, but can be dry. It generally has a soft texture. It can be thick and adhered to the wound bed, present as a thin coating, or patchy over the surface of the wound (Figure 3). It consists of dead cells that accumulate in the wound exudate.

Is Burnham part of Slough?

Burnham is a large village and civil parish that lies north of the River Thames in Buckinghamshire, between the towns of Maidenhead and Slough, about 24 miles west of Charing Cross, London.

How far is London from Slough?

20 milesThe distance between London and Slough is 20 miles.

What area is Slough?

32.53 km²Slough/Area

Is Burnham a good place to live?

Between Maidenhead and Slough is Burnham, a thriving village with a station that offers some breathing space and calm after a day of frenzy in the big smoke. … Buyers looking for recession-proof pads may find investing in Crossrail locations such as Burnham pricey, but relatively safe.

Where should I live near Slough?

You may consider areas north of Slough like Farnham Common or Wexham Park. I used to work in Eton and commuted from Maidenhead. Both Windsor and Maidenhead have train links. Eton Wick has a mixture of housing stock from very desirable to not so desirable but would be an easy walk to Windsor entertainment!

Is Slough a rich area?

As well as being the birthplace of sitcom The Office and the UK home of Burger King , Mars and Lego, Slough is also one of the most affordable places to live in the county, and is just a quick train ride into central London. But like every town, there are affluent parts and not so affluent parts.

Is Windsor a nice place to live?

Historic yet buzzing and cosmopolitan, this royal town beside the Thames is a favourite for top schools, good shops and a fast commute.

Is Slough in West London?

Located in the South East of England, Slough is close to West London. … It is a mere 20 minute train journey from Slough to Paddington Station in central London. From Paddington there are fast train links nearby to the rest of the UK and to Europe.

What is a slough in a river?

A slough is a swamp or shallow lake system, usually a backwater to a larger body of water. … A slough is typically used to describe wetlands. Sloughs along the edges of rivers form where the old channel of the river once flowed.